We've Got You Covered

If you are looking for a furniture and Heavy Item Moving Sydney City removalist that is fully insured then look no further. Unlike other companies that usually avoid questions about their insurance policies and sometimes ask you to get your own removal insurance, we are happy to offer our full coverage for your precious items.

Although our removalists are careful and experienced, we realise that accidents sometimes happen. Our customers feel secure knowing their belongings are covered. We are happy to discuss our policy details when you book your next removal.

We have the following policies:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Goods in transit
  • Public liability


Our public liability insurance covers Legal liability to pay compensation in respect of Personal Injury and/or Property Damage happening within the Geographical Limits and caused by or arising out of an occurrence in connection with our business or products, up to the limit of $20,000,000.


In the event that furniture item/items are damaged in transit our Goods in Transit policy covers damages up to $100,000. We offer this insurance as part of our removal service and is included in our basic removal price. Our Goods in Transit policy also covers damages during loading and unloading the truck.

Like all insurance policies in the event of a claim there is a basic excess of $250. We offer the option of reducing your excess down to $100.00 for a small fee of $1.00 + GST per 15 minutes. This option must be taken at the time of the removal booking.


Details and Exemptions:

  • It is the sole discretion of Happy Moving whether to repair damaged goods or replace them using our insurance policy. In either case the agreed excess applies.
  • Our removalists will sometimes recommend moving an item a certain way or wrapping or dismantling an item. If these recommendations are refused the item won’t be covered.
  • We do not offer coverage for items that are poorly made or in bad condition.
  • We do not cover IKEA or other furniture that easily falls apart.
  • If the access is sufficiently bad that damage to furniture is probable or unavoidable our removalists will inform you before moving these items and they will not be covered.
  • Items that are damaged while being carried over uneven, difficult or steep terrain may not be covered.
  • Items that are requested to be moved over balconies are moved at the customer’s own risk and not covered.
  • We do not cover natural stone or slate including pool table slate.
  • Items that are not packed securely such as lose glassware that is not wrapped properly is not covered.
  • Appliance failure is not covered due to the fact that failure could occur regardless of how much care was taken to transport it. Please read your manufacturers recommendations and if there are special moving instructions please inform your removalist on moving day. Example: Some washing machines require special transit bolts to stop the tub from swinging or bouncing up and down during transit.
  • We require the opportunity to investigate all claims before any action is taken by the customer.

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