What To Look For When Hiring A North Shore Removalist?

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North Shore Removalists Sydney

Moving is a stressful and delicate business. Furniture and items are lost or destroyed and nerves are put on a strain. This is why an increasing number of people call to the services of removalist companies. We can assist with a variety of tasks, such as packing and unpacking, transport, storage, handling of fragile items, and so on. Calling to the services of a North Shore removalist looks like the wise thing to do.

Unfortunately, there have been countless stories  in the media recently of Aussies that have been ripped off by a removalist, or their property damaged or held at ransom by unprofessional removalist companies. Many of these people have chosen to hire rogue removalists and ended up in the most unpleasant situations.

After hearing such dreadful stories, you may be reluctant to the idea of hiring a moving company Sydney. After all, you will be entrusting them your belongings, which have both material and sentimental value. When you realise you could end up not even having a fork to eat your dinner, you could be afraid to entrust your goods to an unknown company. And rightly so!

At the same time, the struggle to move from your old home to a new one stays real and you know the transition would be smoother by getting help from a trusted professional – someone like Northern beaches removals. There are many benefits in using the services of a removalist.

Why using the services of a North Shore removalist is a good idea, after all?

Getting help from a removalist company comes with multiple benefits and they include:

  • Having someone to pack and load your belongings – this is arguably the most stressful part of moving;
  • Avoiding damage – hiring professionals reduces the likelihood of your items getting damaged along the way;
  • Saving time and effort – don’t try to haul heavy items yourself as this is a waste of time and puts you at risk of injury. Removalist services are cost-effective because these companies offer packing, truck/van hiring and others.
  • Benefitting from insurance – a professional removalist Sydney should include insurance covering potential damage to your goods while in transport, loading and uploading. This gives you peace of mind that you are protected in case of accidents.
  • Less disruption – business owners often use removalist services so their transactions are not affected by relocation. Specialised services do their job on your preferred time frame, in a fast and effective manner.
  • Less stress – starting fresh is impossible when you have to get organised and safely move hundreds of items. A moving company Sydney can handle the lengthy and laborious side of moving, allowing you to relax and rest and enjoy your new home.
  • Customised solutions – every move is unique, so there might be some things you particularly need for your moving day. A good removal company will offer multiple packages to choose from, so your needs are met without any problem.

What to look for when hiring a removalist

Hiring a North Shore removalist is still a great idea, even if you’ve heard horror stories about unreliable companies. The issue of trust is the same with any service provider, from your hair stylist to your dentist. You can never be 100% sure you will be satisfied with the quality of service, but there are some measures you can take in order to hire a professional and trustworthy removalist:

  • Look at testimonials

Find out what other customers have said about the company’s services, in online reviews or through word-of-mouth. Avoid companies with reviews under 3, 3.5 stars, and also be careful about removalists with just a couple of 5-star reviews as they could have been left by friends or employees. Do your research on social media groups about moving and ask friends who have recently moved to a new place.

Take your time to conduct careful research. The irony is that when you hurry you always find the bad reviews and warning signs after already being scammed.

  • What insurances do they have?

Do not take insurance for granted. Removalists are not required by law to provide insurance for possessions during a move. If your removalist doesn’t offer insurance for transit, loading and unloading, seriously consider taking full cover comprehensive insurance if you want to protect your personal furniture and effects during the move.

  • Ask questions

You will never know what is included in your removalist package unless you ask. The most important questions to ask are: the cost of the move, what is included, how long the actual move will take, what happens if there are delays, if they outsource any of their services, what is the extra cost for storage, etc. A reliable removalist Sydney should be able to provide answers without hesitation and make you feel like no question is too silly. In the end, you need to be sure your chosen a moving company Sydney that is fully equipped for the safe handling of your goods.

  • Ask for a written quote before hiring

Based on the inventory of the goods to be moved, the removalist should be able to provide a written quote. An estimator may visit your home to assess your relocation needs and propose a package that suits the size of your household. Having a written quote mentioning all included services will protect you from misunderstandings and any hidden costs.

  • Read the contract

This is a no-brainer, but you absolutely have to read carefully everything you sign, whether it’s a mortgage or a receipt for a shirt you have left at the dry cleaner. A serious removalist will provide a contract that contains complete details of the service: pickup and delivery addresses, date and time of move, inventory list, insurance details, etc. Take your time to read the contract and sign only if you agree to the terms.

Why choose Happy Moving Removalist Sydney?

North Shore Removalist TeamHappy Moving is a reputable moving company in Sydney that you can trust to deliver their service as promised. We take pride in being careful, quick, an affordable and we provide the following services:

  • Packing and unpacking – can be done with your own boxes or our boxes and comes in three packages: basic, standard and Happy Moving.
  • Rubbish removal – mixed waste, mattresses, metal, cardboard, paper, electronics, etc.;
  • Sydney removals – with no hidden fees;
  • Heavy removals – we proudly own the best piece of heavy item moving equipment with a load capacity of 600 kg and an ability to climb stairs with its load;
  • Office relocation – four different packages to minimise disruption and enable you to focus on your business operations.

Areas we service in Sydney include:

  • Sydney North Shore areas
  • Sydney Northern Beach areas
  • Sydney City removals areas
  • Sydney Eastern suburbs areas
  • Sydney Inner West areas

Contact us today to get a free quote on our services provided by a reliable North Shore removalist that is compliant with NSW and Australian Fair-Trading Act legislation!