Office Removals – How to Relocate your Business Stress-free.

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Office Removals

Most people can barely imagine ‘stress-free’ and ‘office removals’ in the same sentence. Everybody feels this, but hardly anyone says it out loud: moving to a new place is known to decrease happiness levels and increase stress.

Even though moving is often a smart solution to certain problems, people can feel sad and disoriented weeks and months after the relocation. A big part of the problem is represented by the hard work associated with packing and unpacking belongings. Many goods are lost or damaged during relocation, and this is particularly a problem for office removals.

If you have decided to move your business to another location, don’t let your employees feel the stress of the move. Our advice is to call upon the services of professional Sydney removalists – you will not regret it!

Benefits of Using an Office Removalist

Even if many small businesses entrust the whole relocation work to their staff, the benefits of calling to the services of a removalist are huge, regardless of your company size:

Saving time and money

Using an interstate removalist Sydney allows you to relax, knowing that your company is in good hands. This frees up your time to focus on other important areas of your office management. As a result, your business will keep going, ensuring that profit is not lost. The relocation will be a matter of hours instead of days.

Protecting your belongings

Fast and effective relocation needs proper tools for handling office equipment without damaging it. Even a cheap Sydney removalist should be able to provide the right type of packaging and experience in how to move heavy pieces safely. Don’t ask your staff to move heavy items as this could result in accidents and injuries.

Minimising stress

Organising an office move is no easy job and should be done with a clear process in place. Using a removalist will remove the pressures of working out logistics while still running your company. Why be overwhelmed and stressed when you can let the professionals take over? This way, you will be able to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Eliminating damage risk

Moving office items professionally reduces the risk of losing or damaging your assets. Additionally, many removal companies insure your items during transit for an additional fee. Ask about insurance policies when choosing a relocation company and make sure you understand how to make a claim if necessary.

How to Choose an Office Removalist Company

Choosing the right Sydney removalists will help you avoid a stressful and expensive process. If you are looking for a reliable interstate removalist Sydney, here are some tips to find one you can trust:

Ask friends for recommendations

Do you know someone who has moved recently? Ask them who handled the removal process for them and if they were happy with the services. Asking for advice from people you can trust is a good place to start when it comes to finding reliable office removals services.

Do some research

Don’t hurry to contract the first removalist you find online. To make sure you are getting a fair deal, try to find information about them. Ideally you should find a business that has been operating for at least five years, with plenty of Google reviews, and a website that conveys a professional image.

Ask for insurance

Ask the companies you are considering if they offer insurance. Moving insurance offers protection for your items in case they get damaged during removal and relocation.

Get quotes

Get a quote before booking a removalist. You should have a clear idea of your moving expenses before the actual moving process, so you avoid hidden fees. Most relocation companies offer free, no-obligation quotes, enabling you to estimate moving costs.

Look for best value

You may be tempted to hire a cheap Sydney removalist, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Paying a little extra can bring you peace of mind and knowing that your goods are well taken care of.

Make a Checklist for your Move

Even when using the services of office removals, you will need to compile a checklist for your relocation so removalist experts know what their tasks are and what to pay special attention to:

Before the relocation

  • Make a detailed floor plan

The floor plan should include large-sized items or items that are difficult to move.

  • Prepare a copy of the new office plan

This is helpful for the unloading and re-arranging part; include those items that need extra focus when reinstalling.

  • Time frame

The moving plan should also include details such as relocation date and new office location.

  • Informing customers and suppliers

Relocation will have a certain impact on your business operations, so make sure you inform those involved about the date of the relocation and the new office address. Make sure some of the staff is still available for communication with customers during the relocation.

  • Pay attention to leased items

If you have leased items in your office, such as photocopiers or printers, contact the leasing agency and inform them of your move. This is because most removalist companies will not touch items on lease for insurance reasons; the leasing company will organise the move for those specific items.

  • Make backups for your data

Unplugging and shifting some for your devices that contain your office data can be risky. Make data backups to avoid the loss of important files.

  • Make sure employees don’t have work during office move

Office removals are usually made at night or weekends, so employees are not working during the office relocation process.

  • Make sure lifts are working in the new location

If the new office is on a higher floor, lifts will be necessary to bring various items to the new office. Find out if there is a backup generator you can use in case of a power failure.

During relocation

  • Move the necessary items first

The Sydney removalists you will be hiring will ask you to prioritise items which need to be moved first. These are usually computers, routers, UPS, and other office equipment.

  • Ensure security checks don’t slow the process down

Office premises have security officers who are responsible for checking people and items going inside. Going through security checks can be a time-consuming process, so inform officers before moving to the new place to cut down the time needed to check all your items. Inform them on your moving crew as well so they can easily verify the staff of your removalist contractor.

After relocation

  • Check if everything is in good condition

After everything has been moved to the new location and the electronic devices have been reinstalled, check whether everything is in working condition. Your professional removalists are responsible for your stuff and if something is damaged, use the insurance to recover your loss.

  • Review your removalist

Remember the research stage when you were trying to find a good removalist? Reviewing the services you have used can help other businesses as well to secure help from a reliable interstate removalist Sydney with no hassle.

Why Happy Moving

At Happy Moving we are removalist experts and provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Minimising downtime with precision planning;
  • Dismantling and reassembling office furniture;
  • Helping with organising IT equipment i.e., disconnect and reconnect it;
  • Working actively with the office relocation teams of the company;
  • We are fully insured so you don’t have to worry for the integrity of your good – Goods in Transit, Public Liability, Workers Compensation.

For smooth and stress-free office removals, contact us today! Our services include packing & unpacking, rubbish removal, Sydney removals, heavy removals, and office relocation.