Packing Tips For Sydney Removals

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When packing boxes in preparation for moving there are a few simply rules to follow to ensure your move is both efficient and your goods are safe from damage. Here are our packing tips for Sydney removals.


A very important step that some people forget is to clearly label the box with what it contains.
Most people have a system they like to adopt when labelling boxes, the most common is to label bedroom boxes with either the name of the person who occupies the bedroom or with a bedroom number. If the person has a lot of stuff you may like to label individual categories as well. eg. winter coats or shoes bedroom 1 ect.
Any boxes containing perishables should also be clearly labeled with contents and the destination eg. Kitchen. Fragile boxes should also have a destination clearly marked on the box and the word FRAGILE marked in capital letters.

Our trained staff at Happy Moving will always consider the labelling on the boxes before packing them on the truck. Clearly labelling your boxes also makes the unpacking job so much easier. If the boxes have clear destinations marked on them of staff at Happy Moving can place them in the areas they need to be.
All to often our staff are confronted with a pile of unmarked boxes in a room and the customer has no idea what is in each box.
This poses 3 main problems:

  • The first is that we cant place the boxes in their correct rooms making more work for the customer unpacking the boxes.
  • The second is that we don’t know which boxes contain fragile items
  • And the third is if all the boxes are placed in one room , usually other furniture will not fit in that room creating congestion in other rooms making more unnecessary work for the customer.

Fragile Items

Fragile items including all glassware should be individually wrapped and should not have heavier items placed on top of them. Our staff at Happy Moving are trained to look for boxes marked FRAGILE. Its important to try and make these boxes are as light as possible because other heavier items in the box may shift in the box and damage your fragile item . Also boxes Marked FRAGILE are generally placed on top of other boxes so they don’t get crushed by the weight of heavier boxes on top.


Perishable items including non refrigerated food stuffs can also be packed in boxes. Our customers biggest problem with perishable items is that often caps and lids are not secure before packing . A bottle of leaking soy sauce not only contaminates other items in the box it often destroys the box and if it’s a slow leak and not discovered it could stain the floor coverings of your new home.

Heavy Items

Often boxes are over packed with heavy items making them extremely difficult to handle. There are two main box sizes you should use.

The first it the common tea chest style. These are designed for lighter items such as quilts , pillows , light toys . some shoes ect. Try and even the weight with some lighter things on top of some slightly heavier things.

The second most used box is the smaller “book box” . These are designed to carry heavier items you may need to pack. You may have heard the expression “don’t put all your eggs in on basket” . Well the same applies to books “Don’t put all your books in one box”. A handy guide is to half fill your book box with books and fill the rest of the box with lighter items.

Although our staff at Happy Moving are fit and strong lads they are only human and carrying overweighed boxes up 3 flights of stairs for a few hours will ware them out making your move slower. As a Sydney removalist experts our staff do carry specialist equipment to move those extra heavy items. If you suspect that you have a particularly heavy item it’s a good idea to inform Happy Moving of the item and if there are any obstacles to overcome like stairs or long driveways.

Sealing the box

When constructing the box its best to run the tape along the flap of the box and approximately 1/3 up the side of the box . Make sure you run your fingers along the tape to make sure its stuck properly and in the centre of the two flaps. If the box is a little heavier that the others its sometimes best practise to run two length of tape in the opposite direction. Once you have filled the box run a single length of tape across the join and 1/3 down the side of the box. Then you are ready to clearly label the box.

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