Sydney Removalists Tips – How to Pack Fragile Items

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Sydney Removalist Tips Packing Fragile Items

Packing and safely transporting fragile items while moving can be nerve-wracking. It is understandable to be concerned about handling glass and other delicate items when moving. However, don’t let these challenges cast a shadow on the joy of living in a new home. Our Sydney removalists tips can help you get through a move without breaking grandma’s precious china, coffee set or your new favourite vase. Keep on reading for the best tips for packing and moving fragile items:

Tips on how to pack fragile items

These tips have been successfully used by Sydney removalists, including our Manly removals and Dee Why removals team:

  • Invest in high-quality packing boxes and packing materials

Needless to say, a cheap box is more likely to get dismantled during transport. If you move often, invest in your own quality boxes. If you feel this is not a good investment for you, an option is renting them from a Sydney removalists.

  • Make sure the base of the box is sturdy

Avoid flimsy boxes that can bow under the weight of their contents. If you don’t have an alternative, add extra strips to help support the box better.

  • Wrap each fragile item in bubble wrap

The most delicate items, such as china and glassware, should be wrapped in bubble wrap and secured with tape. Put these items into smaller boxes on their own and avoid stacking them with other items.

  • Prepare in advance – don’t leave it to last minute to pack

It’s important to take your time when packing up fragile items. Many people rush to get it all done and end up breaking an expensive item or a dear family heirloom. Preparing in advance will enable you to be aware of what you are doing. By slowing down, you will do things right and be less tempted to cut corners.

  • Clearly mark all boxes with fragile

No matter how carefully you pack your fragile items, carelessly tossing boxes on top of each other can result into an accident. Mark boxes with fragile so friends helping or Sydney removalists are aware of the delicate nature of the contents.

  • Layer the bottom of the box with a soft packing material

Cushion the bottom of the box with bubble wrap, packing paper, foam, Styrofoam peanuts, or even towels. Also fill in the remaining empty spaces with similar soft materials.

  • Place the heaviest items at the bottom

By doing so, the big items will not overturn and crush the smallest ones.

  • Use dividers for glasses

One of the causes of glasses breaking is fragile items shifting and colliding with each other. Use cardboard dividers or special boxes for stemware that are already fitted with dividers.

  • Fill hollow items with packing paper

Filling glasses and jars with packing paper helps to soften vibrations. Put additional material on areas such as stems on wine glasses or mug handles.

  • Pack items individually

Glasses, plates, and decorative items should be individually wrapped depending on their shape and size. It’s important to remove loose pieces such as lids and wrap them separately.

  • Prepare the right tools

Aside from quality moving boxes in different sizes, you will also need bubble wrap, packing paper, pliable cardboard, scissors, packing tape, and tape gun. Make sure all items are laid out and prepared in advance.

You may also need a marker to write ‘Fragile’ on boxes and you can replace bubble wrap with towels or rags. Instead of packing paper, you can also use newspapers. However, be careful about the risk of poor newspaper ink leaving marks on your items.

  • Tape carboard

Wrap the tape gun around the circumference of the package several times; don’t be shy using tape as this item is relatively inexpensive. The package should be tightly wrapped so objects don’t slip out.

  • Consider extra protection

For the most delicate items, wrap the entire package in a layer of bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Next place it in a box marked ‘Fragile’. This fully protects the package from bumps.

How to pack specific items

Your favourite mug and your TV are both fragile items, but packing techniques can differ. Here’s how to pack the most common fragile objects:

  • Plates

The best method is to pack plates vertically in boxes lined with packing paper on the bottom and at the top. Remember to wrap each plate in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Avoid overpacking the box and make sure the bottom is sturdy, as plates are heavy items.

  • Glasses

Glasses need to be individually wrapped with packing paper while empty space needs to be diminished by using crumpled paper or other soft materials. Packing paper should be placed at the bottom and top of boxes. It is preferable to gather glasses of similar sizes so you can nest them inside each other. Use a divided box or cell pack if possible. You can add cardboard dividers to an average medium box as well. Tape the top of the box and mark it with ‘Fragile – Glassware’.

By following these rules, items will not be moving inside the box and crushing against each other.

  • Lamps

Box lamps flat side down and wrap them in lots of paper. Place lamp bases in a large box and use bubble wrap if necessary.

  • Picture frames

Pictures frames should be wrapped in bubble and placed in a standing position if larger than 8 inches. Put crumpled paper in between each piece and top frames with packing paper to prevent them from moving around in the box. For paintings and pictures over 3 feet in size, secure them with a moving blanket and wrap them in bubble.

  • TVs

A flat screen TV can be difficult to pack if you no longer have the original package, but not impossible. Remove cables and accessories and put them in a labelled box. Wrap the TV in a soft moving blanket secured around the screen with packing tape. Place the TV in a box the correct size and close it with tape.

  • Unusual items

The trickiest items are probably family heirlooms such as antique wash basins, together with other oddly-shaped fragile items. Pay attention to protruding pieces that could break easily, such as handles. Wrap the entire piece in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Place the item on a pliable cardboard and then add an identical piece of cardboard on top. Now bend the cardboard ends until they meet and secure them with tape.

How Happy Moving can help

Sydney removalists Happy Moving can provide study boxes and packing materials to assist with packing fragile items. Our packing and unpacking services consist of:

Packing with our boxes:

  • Basic package
    • Boxes included
    • Free delivery
    • Free collection
    • Experienced packer
    • 20 boxes
    • 2 tape rolls
    • 10 kg or 600 sheets of packing paper
    • 20 meters of bubble wrap
    • Suitable for one-bedroom apartments or small studios
  • Standard package
    • Boxes included
    • Free delivery
    • Free collection
    • Experienced packer
    • 45 boxes
    • 4 tape rolls
    • 20 kg packing paper or 800 sheets
    • 50 metres of bubble wrap
    • Recommended for one or two-bedroom apartments and large kitchens
  • Happy Moving package
    • Boxes included
    • Free delivery
    • Free collection
    • Experienced packer
    • 5 port-a-robes
    • 70 boxes
    • 6 tape rolls
    • 20 kg or 800 sheets of packing paper
    • 100 metres of bubble wrap
    • Used for full packing of 3 and 4-bedroom homes; can include kitchen, bedrooms, living, bathrooms, and garage
    • Labelling clothes in boxes and hanging shirts and formal attire in port-a-robes

If you have your own boxes:

  • Basic package
    • No boxes included
    • No hidden fees
    • Experienced packer
    • Partial packing for just your kitchen or small studios as well one-bedroom apartments.
  • Standard package
    • No boxes included
    • No hidden fees
    • Experienced packer
    • Used for large kitchens packing or unpacking, one-bedroom apartments and two bedrooms apartments or even for partial pack or unpack of 3- and 4-bedrooms home.
  • Happy Moving package
    • No boxes included
    • No hidden fees
    • Experienced packer
    • JBR Care policy included
    • Used for FULL packing or unpacking, 3- and 4-bedrooms homes including, kitchen, bedrooms, living area, bathrooms and garage
    • Labelled clothes in boxes and hanging your shirts and formal attire in port-a-robes to ensure they arrive crisp and clean.

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