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Moving Tips From the Best Sydney Moving Company

Happy Moving recommends you follow these helpful removal tips for moving home. They may seem like common sense things to do but when you are trying to organize many things at once its surprising how many things you forget to do. A well organized relocation can make a big difference in saving time and money. If you take the time to read through our moving tips for moving houses it will provide you with a clearer picture of what your relocation may involve. Choosing the right removalist is the first and most important thing.


Tip: Packing is important to avoid damage to Your valuable possesions and provide the removalist with an organized system to pack the truck.
We advise people to start packing well in advance of the removal date starting with the least used items first.
A well packed relocation can save a lot of time on the day saving the removalist from picking up ods and ends and finding somewhere to put them on the truck.
Start with a few open boxes in each room and as You fill them write clearly where they belong in the new home.

Tip: Don’t overfill boxes! Boxes that are overfilled and can’t be sealed are hard to pack on the truck and take up valuable space.
Heavy items like books should be packed in smaller boxes. If smaller boxes are not available just pack a few heavier items on the bottom of the box and continue to fill with light items.

Tip: Fragile items should be well wrapped preferably in bubble wrap and in smaller boxes. Make sure the boxes are well marked with FRAGILE and make the removalist aware of the fragile boxes on the relocating day. It is best to wrap each piece of glassware and crockery individually and pack them upside-down in the cartons. This way they are far less susceptible to crushing. Wrap your plates in bundles, with paper separating each plate and overhanging paper wrapped around the sides. Then pack each bundle on its side in the box.

Relocating Large Appliances

Tip: Large appliances such as fridges. dishwashers, washing machines should be switched off, emptied and drained of all water before the removalists arrive.
It is surprising how many times the removalist is left waiting to take the fridge when it is completely full of food and frozen goods.
It is very important to leave the fridge switched off on its new place for a few hours to let the gas settle in it.


Tip: Cupboards in the kitchen should be emptied and packed ensuring all Jar lids and caps are on fight. Any frozen food should be secured in an esky preferable with cold packs or ice ready to replace in the fridge at the new home.

Relocating Garden Equipment

Tip: To avoid a bonfire in the truck please drain all petrol and flammable materials from garden equipment.
Removalist insurance does not cover the transportation of flammable materials including gas bottles and oil based paints.


Tip: Our removalists are fully trained in dismantling of beds and other bulk furniture. However if You wish to save time on the removal’s day and You are able to disassemble the items it will reduce the cost of the move.

Elevators & Parking

Tip: Some body corps require people moving to book in a timeframe allowing them to line the elevator with protective equipment. If this is the case notify the body corp as soon as possible. This will also enable the body corp to advise You of any other activity happening on the relocation day eg. elevator maintenance or foyer recarpentry / tiling, ect.

Tip: If parking is a problem outside the building make sure You organize space early and in the case of prohibited parking please ensure You get Your permit to park from the local authorities if available. Always remember a simple 3 hour removal can easily turn into 6 hours if the truck is unable to park reasonably close to the premises.

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